L.K. (acknowledge) wrote in raw__desiiqnz,

Ok, i decided something new lol. i thought about it and i think im going to make this a community where i just post up things i've made ( icons, FO banners, headers, BG's etc. ) and people can just comment what they're gonna take. but CREDiT is a MUST. i might take requests again and i might not.. you'll just have to wait and see wont ya! Byebye.
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lol that is SOOO like you lmaoo ahh these are the days where i would look at you and stick out my tongue lmao. ;]~ cakez .. now that was gay. ;x
thats a good idea cause making layouts for 500 people is mad stressful =/ yay! you back lol
how do i get to join this community again?
thanks _jamie danielle
that's a good idea leah! it really is! <33 =] =]
Good idear.