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November 8 2003, 10:47:21 UTC 13 years ago

ay wuddup ? ummz i dont got livejournal cause no one will help me get one or invite me or wut eva` but anywayss. i wanted to ask if maybe you could make me a layout for my blurty ? cuz ya` stuff is madd hot soo if you dont got a problem with that than can you email me at DatBallinMa@aol.com // AIM is DatBallinMa
sorry i only do LJ layouts.
what is that font you used on the britney spears layout mama =]
its like chasecallas or some shit.
Thanks :o] its perfect!
damn itz madd hot im in love wit it thx so much!!
but can yo please put them in for me cuz i dunno how to please
umm i quess


November 8 2003, 18:24:54 UTC 13 years ago

then can anybody get me a LJ code???
wats tha font u used for ur copyright thing on that header or liddel_style ?


November 9 2003, 11:35:23 UTC 13 years ago

hi. can you help me out with something. what's the font used here.. http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=qanqzta_layoutz ?
ive been looking for it everywhere ;(
i dont know.